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In glass processing, the stress on the tool is similar to that on a die casting tool. Thermal loads, however, have a much greater influence on the service life due to the changing temperatures of the glass compositions, which are extremely high. These requirements can only be met by tool steels of the highest quality, i.e. corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels.
The various processing methods, chemical composition of the glass and the associated processing temperatures all require the use of specifically matched hot-forming tool steels. The composition and production method of these steels are designed taking into account critical parameters such as:

• scaling resistance
• chemical stability
• thermal stability
• ability to be polished
• dimensional stability when subjected to heat, and
• resistance to thermal shock

Tool steels, which must have the required working properties, must also be easy to machine, have a high degree of purity and exhibit uniform structural properties. In order to achieve these properties, the steels must be refined by means of the ESR (electroslag remelting) process.

We also stock some of these tool steels in half-round dimensions.

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